Studded Dog Collars Australia

Show the World Who’s Boss with Studded Dog Collars in Australia

Even the best-behaved pup can be a bad boy or girl with studded dog collars in Australia. These collars are designed to give you all the regular benefits of a dog collar along with the unique pizzazz of studded leather.

What Sets Power Pooch Apart Regarding Spiked Dog Collars for Sale

There are several benefits to buying spiked and studded collars from us:

  • Our dog collars are well-constructed, made from the best materials, and built to last. Even if your dog enjoys boisterous play with other dogs or is a bit careless during games, their collar will stay firmly attached and resist unnecessary breakage.
  • When you buy one of our spiked or studded dog collars, you also receive a matching lead. If you want to stand out further, you can purchase more than one set to mix-and-match colours. Embrace the changing seasons with a changing set of dog collars to match the foliage and holiday decor.
  • Dog collars from POWER POOCH are a posh, stylish way to dress up your dog when you go out. Combine utility with personality in the perfect blend with a studded dog collar. Collars and leads are available in red, black, and blue colour options.
  • We carry collars in multiple sizes for any age and breed of dog. Our small collars start at a 30-36cm size and go up from there to the large, which is a 49-56cm size.
  • Our team provides shipping wherever you need it, and we act swiftly to fulfil all orders we receive. As an online store, we keep accurate track of our stock and have it in a central location, so it’s easy to send your collar as soon as you’ve ordered it.

Studded dog collars offer many benefits and are more than merely a stylish option. Let us help you choose the size and colour you desire from our online portal.

Why POWER POOCH Is Cost Effective

Studded dog collars are truly a unique way to dress up your pup for the outside world. When they’re wearing one of these, they’ll be the boss of the dog park. However, due to their sturdy construction, you can still restrain him or her, even if your dog is a larger breed. Keep your dog’s tags attached with high-quality collars and leads that match.

We’re a family owned and operated business in Australia, and we started with a passion for pups that came from our own furry companions. As pet owners ourselves, we have firsthand experience with the different ways you want to spoil your dog, so we collected the best and most distinctive accessories we could find for the benefit of our fellow pet owners. One of the areas we try to focus on is expanding the options for male dogs, who traditionally have been left on the sidelines when it comes to dog fashion. Contact us to learn more about our collars and other accessories for dogs.